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Nehemiah Threefold Cord Foundation (NTCF)

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The Nehemiah Threefold Cord Foundation (NTCF), or "Chut HaM'shulash" in Hebrew (Threefold Cord), was set up to encourage the community of those trusting in Ha'Shem and obervant of Torat-Moshe, to connect with AHM Israel in the Land of Israel. In this way, we believe that the days of Mashiach will arrive sooner, rather than later.

The three cords represent community building blocks of...

  • Mikra'ei Kodesh (Holy Assemblies or Gatherings)
  • Limud Torah (Learning and Studying the Torah)
  • Tikun Olam (Fixing the world by elevating it to a higher spiritual level and infusing it with holiness)

The Nehemiah Restoration Fund (NRF) is Above and Beyond's US-Based 501(c)(3) Affiliate.
The Nehemiah Canadian Support Group (NCSG) is Above and Beyond's Canadian-Based Affiliate.
The Nehemiah Supporter's Group, UK (NSGUK) is Above and Beyond's UK-Based Affiliate.

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Our Favorite Bible Software

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Accordance Bible Software is designed to remove every obstacle to effective Bible study. Its fast, efficient, and flexible interface stays out of your way so you can focus your attention on your passage of study. Its powerful search capabilities enable you to find the answer to any question. And its comprehensive library of texts and study aids offers everything you need.

Visit Accordance Bible Software soon.

Our Favorite Israel News Talk Radio Station

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If you want to listen to pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, conservative non-lefist views about Israel and the world in which we live, make this your daily news feed.

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New Book [Erecting the Fallen Sukkah of David — under construction]!

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A Translation of the narrative of Yochanan based on P-66 dating to as early as 150 CE.


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Oxygen XML Editor
oXygen is the best XML editor available, accommodating a large number of users ranging from beginners to XML experts. Syncro Soft's main product, oXygen XML Editor, provides the best coverage of today's XML technologies; it complies with the established standards released by W3C and other organizations and enhances the productivity of developers and content authors. Above and Beyond is happy to recommend this software application. We use it to produce all of our ePub products, and in fact could not have successfully produced them, were it not for Syncro Soft and the oXygen XML editor.