Above & Beyond

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Above and Beyond, Ltd. [CC] is a Jerusalem-based initiative, and an Israel registered Public Benefit Company (Chevra Le'To-elet Ha'Tzibur), whose goals among other things, include:

  • Promoting and creating public awareness and appreciation for Israel from a Biblical perspective, by acting in the dissemination of information, reports and materials concerning Israel and her struggle to exist, her general social condition and her various streams of thought. Assisting non-Jews in their efforts to connect to AHM Israel, our Torah and Ha'Shem through the Jewish process of "giyur" [i.e., conversion].

  • Organizing, sponsoring and conducting classes, conferences, workshops, lectures, presentations, seminars and meetings held over the Internet, in Israel and abroad, regarding Israel and Biblical themes, for the public benefit. Above and Beyond is also a publisher, initiating, sponsoring and supporting the production, sale, supply and distribution of Israel-related and Biblically-based explanatory media, books, materials and information.

  • Encouraging and fostering Aliyah.

  • Providing financial assistance, relief and aid to individuals, companies and other bodies in financial distress and/or which are in need of assistance and help, in the form of grants and loans at no interest, and by providing assistance in other forms, without compensation, to the needy in Israel who maintain trust in Ha'Shem to send Mashiach, and in the meantime, observe the commandments of Ha'Shem.