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It's here from Jerusalem! “Dynamic equivalence translations” of selected NT letters based upon the earliest Greek manuscripts available [e.g. Papyri 46 [dating to between 170-200 CE; Codex Sinaiticus [dating to about 350 CE, and the Nestle-Aland 28th edition of the “Novum Testamentum Graece”].

Finally, translations into English, produced with a Jewish pro-Torah bias, published from the Eternal City just as the Prophet predicts… “out from Tzion the Torah shall go forth, and out from Yerushalai'im, the Word of HaShem” [Yishaiyahu 2:3]. The time has come to reclaim these literary gems penned by 1st century CE Jewish authors, and take them home, with a view to better understand them in the light of our Torah, and restore their consistently intrinsic Torah-compliant messages, the essence of which has for too long been hijacked, manipulated and altered, to the extent that it no longer enjoys supportive testimony or recognition by AM Israel or Torat-Moshe, making its propagation to the Jewish People irrelevant and fruitless.

Today, however, the good news is that the Torah’s timeless reminder of a Messianic hope has finally been reborn, and has now reemerged entirely intact in these NT letters, with the same consistency and credibility it had from the days when our Holy Prophets first conveyed it. What did these letters say, when they were first penned? Perhaps it's time to find out!

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The Kohein From Yehudah
[The Letter to the Hebrews]

The End of a Messianic Lie
Before you is a letter written BY Jews, addressed TO Jews, and FOR Jews who sought a better understanding of the purpose of the Temple Service at the Beit Ha-Mik’dash on Har Mori’yah [Mt. Moriah] in Yerushali’im. This letter also contains a message concerning the Olam Ha’Bah [the world to come], that is powerfully relevant and beneficial for all men and for every nation and tongue. This product is NOT suitable for your Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, iPhone or any other portable elec- tronic reading device. This package contains:

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File name: “The Kohein From Yehudah Interactive.pdf”

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The Kohein From Yehudah
[The Letter to the Hebrews]

The End of a Messianic Lie
A complete Audio-Book of the the above translation of “The Kohein From Yehudah,” in 13 separate audio .mp3 files, one for each chapter, narrated by Sarah Segura. N/A $US 5.00 N/A Webinars
From Tzi’yon Torah Goes Forth
[Sha’ul’s Letter to the Galatians]

The End of a Messianic Lie
At last, Jerusalem reclaims “El Ha’Galatim” from the hands of the Council at Nikay’ah [i.e. the Nicene Council], and restores its eternal purpose to plant the Torah into the hearts of all men.

“From Tzi’yon Torah Goes Forth” calls attention to contrived Christian doctrines which came about by means of subtle changes to the original Greek text, further leading to erroneous English renderings in key passages that insisted upon a Torah-prohibitive theology. This volume reasserts Rav Sha’ul’s intention to present a Torah-observant norm as the Law of the Land.
This product is NOT suitable for your Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, iPhone or any other portable elec- tronic reading device. This package contains:

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if if

If? The End of a Messianic Lie*

Published 25 Dec 2011 from Jerusalem • Printed in Israel • 550 pages

Uri ben-Mordechai

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About the Author


Uriel ben-Mordechai made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in 1982 from the San Francisco Bay area, motivated by an inner desire to rediscover his own Jewish identity, and do his part to strengthen the Jewish National homeland, both physically and spiritually. Uriel spent his first three decades in the Land, raising a family, serving in the IDF, and establishing a business and non-profit charitable foundations that financially assist the poor in Jerusalem and throughout the Land, while lecturing internationally about Israel and Biblical values common to both Jews and Christians. He is currently involved with Chut HaM’shulash, an organization that continues to raise funds for needy families and also hosts a weekly on-line classroom that teaches Torah-based values in an open-forum environment. Uriel lives with his wife Adi in Jerusalem. Between them, they have six children and four grandchildren.



     My friend, Uriel ben-Mordechai, whom I have known for many years, came to me and asked me to comment on the leading chapters of his book. This I gladly do, although my knowledge of comparative religion and Christianity is very limited.

     He has cast his net wide and his arguments are based on the Bible (Old Testament), the writings of the ancient Jewish Sages (e.g. Talmud) and the New Testament in Greek, culminating in modern times of a decision of the Israel High Court of Justice.

     His theme is the total rejection of the present-day Messianic movement’s belief in the trinity and that “Jesus” is deity. He is fit to do so because he himself has tasted its fruit.

     For whom is the book intended? I doubt if members of the Messianic movement will listen to ben-Mordechai’s arguments; they are entrenched in their belief. To me this is a warning to young Jews and others, who may be interested in religious experimenting, as was Josephus in the first century CE. There is a need to beware of those who subtlety negate the teachings of the Torah and the Jewish Prophets and create new religions.

     It is of interest to note that Sir Isaac Newton, the famous physicist and mathematician, who resided in Trinity College Cambridge, abandoned his belief in the trinity. Lord Keynes, the celebrated economist, wrote that “he (Newton) was rather a Judaic monotheist of the school of Maimonides.” For him, the trinity doctrine was due to late falsifications. (Keynes, Maynard, “Newton, the Man” [1946], Newton tercentenary celebrations, the Royal Society, pp. 27-34).


— Dr. Asher S. Kaufman, Professor Emeritus
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Author of “The Temple Mount: Where is the Holy of Holies?”




     Uriel ben-Mordechai has been a close personal friend for several years, and I’ve known about his being victimized for expressing his controversial beliefs. It is important that those who have only one way of believing, based upon popular, generally accepted criterion, try to see where the basis for their belief comes from.

     Having read what Uriel has written, I must immediately state that the content, while controversial, is long overdue. As a (currently retired) founder and leader of a Messianic Congregation, I’ve often been asked a number of questions about Christian beliefs, and my personal attitudes concerning those and others over the years. Pre-tribulation, post-tribulation, holy trinity, virgin birth, resurrection, etc. were just a few of the topics in question. After losing members over disagreements with my answers, I eventually chose to evade by answering with questions of my own. For example, what seemed to work well was, “Where exactly in the Holy Scriptures have you found your own answers?” Naturally, instead of being at risk myself, I put the burden on the questioner to come up with “proof texts” for the basis of their questions.

     I only wish I had Uriel’s book years ago for solving this situation for me in his well-researched commentary. Jews from Jerusalem should have written a book like this many centuries earlier. If more writers had challenged concepts such as the trinity, perhaps the church would not have made it into non-negotiable doctrine under penalty of death. I’m certain that many people, especially in Israel, have a great need for the information Uriel is providing. I recommend his book whether or not one believes in the potpourri of major religious expressions available. Whole libraries exist on these subjects, and Uriel’s deserves a place where believers, unbelievers, scholars and the casually interested can find what has been generally unavailable, until now.

     As for myself, my Jewish parents were not religious, so as a relatively secular Jew for the first third of my life, I neither cared about nor paid any attention to what Christians or anyone else believed.

      I married a Jewish woman who was strongly anti-religion, and so our children received no religious education. When that marriage dissolved, I eventually married a Christian woman who practiced the religion in which she was raised. I attended church with her and began studying the Jewish roots of her faith.

     Having been in front of the Christian message for about 25 years, I still couldn’t accept many of their teachings. For example, the holy trinity concept was just impossible. I ignored the other uncomfortable teachings, since they weren’t all that important to me, and anyway the church people were nice. When I discovered the Messianic Jewish “movement,” I became deeply involved, founding a Messianic Synagogue as its spiritual leader.

     I believe there is a large potential in the world to reach the Jewish population with the idea that Yeshua, as a historical Jewish figure, had some very important things to say, that Jews need to consider. But at present, few will consider acknowledging his name, let alone his message. This is a pity, but largely due to a world religion that grew up around “Jesus,” changed who he was, and what he had to say. We Jews, whether Orthodox, Reform, Conservative or Reconstructionist have an obligation to know who our most famous Rabbis were and what they taught. As a whole, we do a good job, except when it comes to the one born in Beit Lechem, near Jerusalem.

     I think the world would be a better place, with less tension between Jews and Christians if we could talk about this man, the claims he made, and the kind of impact he had. But there is a doctrine, wholly owned by the church, which has gotten in the way. Neither the church nor the Jew can see their way past it. But what IF they could? What IF someone came along, and asked the church to put the doctrine aside for a moment, for sake of moving us all closer to a world reclaimed by our Creator, and ruled by the one of His choosing?

     Wouldn’t it be prudent to at least consider why the doctrine is problematic for the Jew who gave the church everything they have, except the doctrine?

     This is why I recommend reading this important book by Uriel ben-Mordechai, regardless of your possibly pre-conceived beliefs. Uriel is the someone coming along with the hard questions! Read this book!


— Donald Folberg, Founder and Leader Emeritus
Beit Ya’acov Messianic Synagogue, Inc.



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If? The End of a Messianic Lie


The Jewish people are waiting for Mashiach. Is the Christian religion delaying the program? In Jerusalem, the Torah insists: "The doctrine, stops here." Find out why, and learn what Israel's Messianic candidate really looks like, through the eyes of the Jewish nation that gave him to the world. Discover how the Hebrew language and it's grammatical structure dispels the Chrisitan and Messianic myth.


Author, Uri ben-Mordechai tells his compelling story about how the Messianic movement in Israel could not succeed to pull the wool over Jewish eyes, in connection with the historic figure of Yeshua.


  • "IF" is a must read for every heart crying for Mashiach NOW! Over the centuries, the question of Yeshua's (Jesus') identity has intrigued and challenged many. There has never been a shortage of controversy on the subject.


  • "IF" is the story of one Jew's journey after he dared to challenge non-negotiable Christian/Messianic doctrines, and questioned their heavily guarded traditional dogma, with the Hebrew Language at his side.


  • "IF" explores the other side of the coin. What does the Hebrew Bible say? How have translations contributed to misinformed and sloppy theological conclusions?


  • "IF" is a powerful, simple and yet, straightforward book, with a personal touch, that explains who "Melech HaMashiach" (King Messiah), i.e., the Redeemer who comes to Tzion, is.


  • "IF" enables the reader to dig beneath classic poorly translated Biblical texts that have been relied upon for centuries to support wholly incompatible foreign concepts, which neither Moshe (Moses) nor the Jewish Prophets ever knew anything about. Employing a grammatical approach, together with Jewish cultural contexts and perspectives, rather than through mere polemics, the author enables the truth-seeker to rediscover the faith of our fathers, by providing an authoritative balance to millions of foreign voices that claim they have correctly interpreted Scripture apart from Jewish People who gave it to them.


  • "IF" is a ground-breaking unique work, ten years in the making, and a must-read for those who have struggled with unexplainable Christian "mystery" concepts they may have been exposed to. It is the first work of its kind, in nearly 2,000 years, to be published from Jerusalem for the world, by a Jewish author living in the eternal capital.